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Last updated: 20/09/2023

Data Collection

Some of our services require your information such as:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • If you contact us
  • If you visit our website
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter

HTTP cookie

A “HTTP cookie” is a tiny file temporarily saved in your internet browser to save your website preferences.

IP Address

  • Your browser temporarily installs a tiny “cookie” to remember your dark-mode preference.
  • Our security tool might use your IP address.
  • Google‘s analytics tool might use your IP address to learn about your website navigation, and to assist advertising.

Data Storage

  • Safe data storage is important for us.
  • Your data is not for sale.

Your Control

  • You can unsubscribe your e-mail via newsletter.
  • You can change your information via your account.
  • You can change your “cookie” privacy settings via: